Mission Southside
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

J-Train Kids' Ministry

J-Train is a Backyard Bible program with songs, games, activities, and Bible stories for children ages 5-11. Many children and youth from unchurched homes will not be able to go to church on a Sunday morning, so J-Train is a way to bring Jesus to them.
J-Train takes place as special summer events led by local or visiting groups, or as weekly after school programs. The current after school program takes place at the Conestoga Estates Trailer Community in Gardner, KS on Wednesday evenings from 4-5:00 pm and is led by Heritage Christian Academy high school students.
  • For information about Mission Southside after school programs or the 3 day summer J-Train events, contact Steve.

Volunteer Information

If you are an individual or have a group interested in leading an after school or 3 day summer J-Train, contact Steve.

Participant Information

If you or your child would like to attend J-Train, the after school program held near Conestoga Estates in Gardner, KS (map), please contact Steve. Summer programs take place at various apartment complexes and neighborhoods – focused on places we have or are working on starting a Site Team. If you have any further questions, or would like to have a J-Train program at your site, please contact Steve.

Donation Information

If you would like to donate snacks, juice boxes or other items that could be used in the J-Train children’s ministry, please contact Steve.