Mission Southside
Saturday, September 26, 2020

Site Teams



What is a Site Team?

  1. Three or more people focused (adoption mindset) on a specific property. Their role is to regularly spend time serving with the people who live there extending help and hope on a personal level.
  2. A weekly, on-property prayer presence.
  3. Individuals who have attended a training with the Community Development Director.
  4. Members who faithfully attend the quarterly Site Team Gathering.
  5. A manager/owner who is “Positive” toward Mission Southside.
  6. Follows the Disciple-Making Movement, including “Discovery Groups.”
  7. Hosts regular “engagements.”

Why Become a Site Team?

We realize that authentic faith  means we have to do more than simply tell people ABOUT Jesus, but that we have to be the hands and feet of Jesus, not just seasonally or in a “hit and miss”  fashion.  A site team provides meaningful serving opportunities for yourselves, your families and your church.  Befriend “the least of these” and have your life transformed beyond anything you could imagine.  Site Teams are about lasting friendships and lasting impact and changed lives.  They are about empowering the community to love their neighbors.
We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s good news, but our own lives, too.  1 Thessalonians 2:8   
Hear what others have said and experienced on Site Teams:
  • “I love seeing our community come together.  The families that we meet are so strong and are there for one another.  I have learned more about what God has called us to do over the past 2 years than ever before.  This is what God has called us to do, to love our neighbors, to share our lives with them and to encourage one another through some of the most challenging circumstances.”  - Kristen, Redeemer Lutheran, Governor's Court
  • "If you want your faith to grow, there is nothing like being involved in what God is doing in our community." – Kerri, Heartland Community Church, Santa Barbara Estates
  • "I’ve realized it isn’t about taking Jesus to the community, He is already there.  It is about getting involved where he is already at work." – Anita, Heartland Community Church, Santa Barbara Estates
  • "It changes your perspective on people around you, your neighbors.  You start to pay attention and get to know them." - Katie, Countryside Church, Ridgeway Apartment
  • "It allows for continued relationship.  Many places we volunteer you do a project and go.  This branches out into continued relationship."   Molly, Colonial Presbyterian, Governor's Court Apartments
  • "It provides a tangible way to get outside the Church and to physically get involved with our neighbors." - Mindy, Olathe Bible Church, Sheridan Village
  • "It allows us to live out our faith, it is a blessing." - Stephanie, Olathe Bible Church, Sheridan Village
  • "It is the miracle of being used by God ... HE can use ME!"  - Robin, Olathe Bible Church, Sheridan Village
  • "Being involved in a site team has expanded my circle of friends.  It allows me to share the Gospel and my life as well." -  Amy, Olathe Christian Church, Eagle's Pointe Apartments
  • “Serving on a site team is the most practical way to LOVE your neighbor.”  - Patti, Grace Church, Antioch Crossing


How to Be a Site Team?

Go into a community in humble dependence on the Lord, extending Help and Hope to our neighbors.
  1. Prayer:  On property, for the community
  2. Engagement Opportunities: Free Garage Sales, community dinners, Fun Friday, Homework Huddle, community projects, Holiday events, and more.
  3. Meaningful Conversations: Sharing Life with one another
  4. Spiritual Conversations:  Why are you here?  Why do you care about me?
  5. Finding a Person of Peace:  A person who is spiritually interested and relationally connected 
  6. Launching Discovery Groups:  Discovering God’s word together
  7. Movement:  Disciple making focus on making obedient disciples who make disciples.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  contact our Community Development Director
  • Email
  • Call 913-393-2200

Donation Information

There are lots of ways you can donate toward the ministry of Site Teams. We are always in need of things like snacks & juice boxes, as well as items for special community events and activities, along with Bibles for adults and kids, and copy paper and card stock for printing invitation flyers and Discovery Group curriculum. To support the Site Team communities with donations, please contact Steve or go to our Volunteer page.