Mission Southside
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Current Practical Needs

Serve Opportunities for Families and Groups

Many of our ministries seek in-kind donations throughout the year.  Are you or your group in a position to donate specific items or willing to perform a service project to accumulate these items? Please check-out these fabulous opportunities.
To sign to meet any of these practical needs, please click here.

Diaper Drive
We serve many families who don’t always have the means to buy diapers. Sizes 3 and up are needed most.
Easter Egg and Egg Stuffer Drive
Many of our site teams will host an Easter Egg Hunt as an engagement opportunity at a local apartment complex or neighborhood. We will need 1000’s of plastic eggs and candy and prizes. (February and March)
Food Drive
The Mission Southside Backsnack Program feeds over 240 students in Olathe and Gardner every week. 2400 items leave our shelves every week. Some of our most needed items are individual fruit cups, apple sauce cups, canned pasta (with meat), canned soup (with meat), and juice boxes. Consider hosting a drive for just one of these items to stock our shelves. 
New Underwear and Socks
These items are sometimes the last items that kids living in poverty are treated to. 
Birthday Kit
$15 walmart gift cards. The kit is given to the mom a week before the child’s birthday, and then mom can make a cake.
School Supply Drive
Many kids go to school all year long and struggle to have school supplies. There are over 400 homeless students in the Olathe School District. (May and June)
Food Co-op Supply Drive
Every week our Food Co-ops can be found in various apartment communities and neighborhoods where we have site teams. We get bulk deliveries of food and have to sort them into smaller portions. We need Gallon Ziploc bags, Quart Ziploc Bags, Egg Cartons, paper towels, 55 and 33 gallon trash bags.
Summer Program Supply Drive
Every summer our sites host J-Train (backyard bible school) and Fun Fridays on the properties that we serve. We are always looking for bubbles, sidewalk chalk, pony beads and yarn, squirt guns, balls and other outdoor toys and games, snacks, playdough, and more. (March-August)
Hair Cut Gift Certificate Drive
One of the last things many of our families can afford is a nice hair cut.
Grocery Store/Gas Gift Certificate Drive
We always have family needs which include gas and groceries. 
Kid’s Bible Drive
We would love to have kid’s bibles for J-Train Kiddos. J-Train is a backyard bible school hosted at over 16 apartment/trailer communities in Southern Johnson County.
Children’s Book Drive
We currently stock 6 Free Libraries around Olathe and Gardner in apartment and trailer communities. Many of these kids don’t have the opportunity to go to the library, so we are bringing the library to them.
Hat, Coat and Glove Drive
Many of our families need hats, coats and gloves. We stock our clothing closet and deliver them to many of our families. Gently used items are welcome, too. (September - December)
NEW Toy Drive
Every year at Christmas time we host a large FREE garage sale at a local middle school. People shop for items to give their children for Christmas. (October-December)
Toiletry Bags
Collect tooth brushes, tooth paste, washcloths, shampoo, bars of soap, razors, deodorant, Large zip-locs bags, brushes and combs.